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  • You can publish announcements about your product and service needs and find new investors or business partners for your businesses.
  • Publish announcements to domestic companies for your local needs.
  • Indicate your project location on map to inform companies while publishing announcements.
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Gives due importance to your business.

Offers the most suitable options for you.

Brings the jobs of the world to you.

Obtains finance for your business.

Don't pay agency fee.

Start working with new firms in your country or world without paying any agency fee anymore.

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Publish Announcements.

Don't pay agency fee.

You can show your announcements to countries that you determined and start getting offers from companies in related countries.

Indicate your project location on map to inform companies while publishing announcements.

Only you and the company publishing your announcement can see the offers in the announcements for which you gave offer.

Find new investors or business partners.

Publish announcements and receive offers for your real estates wıth investment values or reach the investment opportunities in the fastest way anywhere in the world. Or find new business partners

Check your purchasings, receive offers from new companies.

Get offers from companies for the goods and services you need for your businesses and projects.

Make offer from all around the world for business opportunities and expand your company.

It is enough to be able to offer any anouncement, if the anouncement is made visible to the country you are in. Become a member, give offers to announcmenets from countries which you wanted see

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Follow any company you like and reach their announcements with the fastest way. Get notifiers when announcements you have proposed is closed or when firms you follow have published newer announcements.

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